Policies & Procdures (Please Read)
More Information and Adoption Fees
1.  We often get multiple applications for a dog and they are considered on a first come, first served basis but ultimately, we will approve the home that we feel is the best for the dog.  An application does not guarantee that you will be approved for the dog of your choice as we make a great effort to match the perfect dog with the perfect home.  The application is not a contract and is for information only to begin the evaluation process to qualify your family for adoption.
2.  It has been our experience that Yorkies can and will become aggressive with small children so we do not place them in homes with children under 10 years of age for the protection of both the dog and the child.  Most of these dogs have spent their entire life in a cage and have never seen a child so we have no way of knowing how they will react.
3.   These dogs have spent their entire lives in a kennel environment and are not house trained so we require a stay at home parent to teach them for all except the senior dogs who sleep a great deal.
4.   Most of these dogs have spent their entire lives in a cage so can NEVER be confined to a small space under any circumstances. If it is necessary to confine, a baby gate or an x pen is acceptable for short periods of time.
5.   Prior to approval, you will be asked to provide pictures of your home where the dog will sleep, play, and live or whenever possible we will arrange a home visit.  When  we have received your application and your pictures or your home visit has been done and you have been approved for adoption, we will make arrangements with you to pick up the dog immediately.
6.  We strive to make the adoption process a good experience for both you and your new companion. We want these dogs to live a long, healthy life with their new "parents" and for them to become the center of your world. They require much love and patience, but watching them blossom   into wonderful companion dogs will be the most rewarding experience of your life.
7.  There is no Warranty expressed or implied against health (physical or mental), or loss of your future pet.  We do our best to get these rescued animals ready for adoption.  We have no control of how your future pet is cared for within your control.  You are responsible for all medical issues from time of signed contract.  Thus you adopt this pet "as is". Breeder Release Adoption Service shall not be held liable.
8.   If you would like to apply to foster any of our dogs, please fill out the adoption application and indicate that you would like to foster.
1.   For the safety and well being of the dogs, we do not ship.  Approved adopters will need to make arrangements to pick up the dog where he/she is being fostered.
2.  Our main facility is a licensed shelter so we do not provide a delivery service. However, when time allows we can sometimes arrange to deliver a dog to a mutually agreed upon place within reason of the foster parent's home. All of our dogs are in foster homes in Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico.
3.  Please plan to pick up your dog within 3 days after being approved.  On the 4th day after approval, we will expect a 50% non-refundable deposit and $5.00 per day boarding fee to hold the dog for up to 14 days.  We will not transport a dog  without a 50% non-refundable deposit.  We are a no kill organization and our space is limited so we are unable to hold dogs for free indefinetly.
4.  We will provide 2 belly bands for all of our adoptive boys to be used as a training tool prior to house breaking.
5. All of our dogs have been checked by a veterinarian, (thank you Dr. Brubaker), spayed or neutered, dental done as needed, wormed,  micro chipped, and vaccinated. We do not guarantee the health of any dog. 
6. Many dogs come to us micro chipped by the breeder and it is the adopter's responsibility to change the ownership of the chip to their name.  Sometimes there are charges from the manufacturer to process this proceedure.  These charges are the adopters responsiblilty.  We try to be sure that every dog is chipped but if, for any reason, the adopter takes possesion of the dog and it is not chipped, the adopter must get the dog chipped at their expense.
7.  We will provide all available paperwork that we have with the dog and provide the adopter with any information we have regarding health and behavioral issues.
8.  Our tax deductible donations for the dogs are as follows: 8 weeks to 1 year-$375.00, 1 to 5 years-$325.00, 5 to 8 years-$250.00, 8+ years-$150.00. The donations are non-negotiable as they are based on our expenses to continue rescuing these very special dogs.
9.  We will take a dog back at any time if the adopter is unable to care for the dog. If the dog is returned within 14 days, we will refund 75% of the adoption donation.  Our contract states that if you become unable to care for the dog for any reason, it MUST be returned to us.  We do expect a total commitment from the adopter to the dog and we are always available to answer any questions or concerns that arise. Please give these dogs a chance to acclimate to you and your home. They have spent years in a cage and many times it may take weeks for them to learn to trust.  A 20% discount will apply to adopters who adopt 2 or more dogs.
10. We accept cash, check, PayPal, or credit/debit cards.
11. Please visit our FAQS page for behavioral and physical tips before picking up your new companion.
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